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Rev. Mark Hall

Wedding Packages

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Elopement Weddings


An elopement wedding is a no frills wedding experience. Call me for options.

  • It includes performing  a simple non-religious ceremony.
  • It includes filing the necessary paperwork.
  • NO HIDDEN FEES. Just one price.





Full Service Weddings

I will meet with you, sit down and create a custom ceremony, that is tailored to you. With this wedding package, I will conduct the following:

  • FREE CONSULT: I will meet you in person or over the phone or using facetime to discuss your wedding.
  • Write a personalized wedding ceremony with the elements that you want.
  • Hold the date and reserve a day and time for your ceremony.
  • Be there one hour before the ceremony begins.
  • Conduct your wedding and file the paperwork with the State of Iowa.

Call or text Rev. Mark for availability 319-325-1194.

You can also email him at


You will need to go to any county courthouse and apply for a certificate of marriage. There is a 3 day wait period in Iowa.

No additional fee for mileage or paperwork or anything. If you desire a rehearsal, there is an additional $100 fee. I can always organize a ceremony before the wedding when there is a small wedding party. A larger wedding party of 6 or more, probably needs a rehearsal.

I ask for a $100 deposit to hold the date and time. It is applied to the wedding ceremony. The balance is due at the rehearsal or wedding. I really prefer to meet couples in person so that they feel that I am a good fit. If I am not, then that is more information for you as a couple to make a decision on the officiant that you do want.