About Rev. Mark Hall



This is my lovely family. It is my second family, and I have two grown sons from my first marriage.  My wife is the best thing that has happened to me; I do not consider it luck, but a gift from God.

Mark is an ordained Christian minister who has traveled the world serving God, Country and people. He retired with 20 years of active duty service in the Army. Mark currently works as a hospital chaplain in S.E. Iowa, and is married with three young children and two grown sons from a previous marriage.

He believes everyone should get a second chance and have a new beginning. Many couples are married in their hearts and desire a ceremony to celebrate this love with family and friends. Often they have his, hers and our children. This is wonderful and we can incorporate them into the wedding.



“You are already married in your hearts, and now you want a public ceremony to declare this commitment and love before family and friends.”

If you feel the same, I hope it is ok that I do not require pre-marital counseling or provide it.